I offer these services at a cost to be determined by the project; email contact@blackxborders to discuss the project and receive a quote. 

Fabric/Color/Notions: Any style that is currently or previously offered as part of a seasonal collection is eligible for this service, and can be made-to-order in any color, fabric and size. This is a collaborative process between the designer and the customer; options are limited only by the supplier. The cost of this service is decided as follows: Original garment cost + $50 - $100, the additional cost is determined by the shipping costs of the requested materials. 

Made-to-Measure: This process involves modifying existing patterns to take your body shape differences into account; while some of these customizations are free, more involved changes may require a fee. 

Bespoke: A new pattern is created for each individual wearer, the style and design is a collaborative process between the customer and the designer; a one-of-a-kind garment that is not offered as part of the seasonal collection.