EVA: Quilted Sweatshirt


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The possibilities are endless--the 05 Quilted Sweatshirt is completely customizable within seven colors [black, white, cherry, peach, orange, lemon, sky]--you can order a suggested color-blocking sequence, or you can DIY! 

For custom color-blocking requests, simply [contact] with more information including: 

-body color 
-sleeve cap
-sleeve middle
-sleeve bottom

Once we receive your request, we will send a sketch of your design for approval, and a link for you to place your order - color customizing is free of charge! 

All length customizations are final sale. 

BUST: The widest part of the chest. Make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the floor. If you usually wear a bra, wear one now!

WAIST: The smallest part of your mid-section. This spot is usually 1” above the belly button.

HIP: Your widest hip measurement. There is generally a 10” difference between this measurement and that of your waist. 

ARM LENGTH: Shoulder to wrist measurement. Bend your arm slightly when taking this measurement.

INSEAM: The crotch to ankle measurement along the inside of the leg.


Need More Help?

BXB garments are designed with diversity and inclusion at the forefront. Please don’t hesitate to email contact@blackxborders.com with any questions, concerns or requests.



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