Get your measuring tape ready! The following customizations are FREE--once you've placed your order, please include a note in the order details or email with your order number and any specifications considering the following:

Garment length (high neck to hem)

Sleeve length (armpit to wrist)

Inseam length (crotch to ankle)

Collar option (full collar vs. mandarin collar)

Fabric color (only colors that are currently available can be used for free customizations, i.e. if a black and white sweater is offered, a black and yellow sweater can be made for you if yellow is already an available color option, see the BESPOKE page if you are interested in a color outside the current season offering)

Notions (if several button options are offered in a seasonal collection, feel free to choose the size/color you like best)


If you are interested in a customization that is not listed above, check-in with me! 

Depending on the extent of the customization, returns may not be eligible.